Data security

We keep your data security in first place, using multiple methods acquired thru many years of experience.

Disk encryption.

All our customer Servers come with serveral partitions or whole disks completely encrypted, the keys are only known by our costumer.

If any server has been comprimized we cannot deliver any keys since we did not keep a copy of it.

Decentralized Backups.

All our automated and monitored backups also are stored in encrypted Storage Devices. Even the communications between backup system and Storage are crypted too.

Data masking.

Another practice we offer, is masking the sensitive data also in databases, obscuring it to ensure that data security is maintained and not exposed to unauthorized personnel.

Data erasure.

Once our customer servers have endet their project, we perform multiple disks formats or, in some cases, complete disks destruction after erasing and filling it up with zeros.


Our monitoring not only checks the running processes, we also perform rutinary checks of updates to our servers, operating systems and the software used on each scenario keeping all up to date and patched if needed by beeing syncronized with the most known zero-day databases and the Common-Critera Standars.